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Zlata Schimmer
Zlata Schimmer
A kind and humorous girl.
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Job: stays at home with her
Location: apartment 1 lives with dad and mom

When available for settlement[ | ]

Interests[ | ]

Likes sweets. Find a chocolate candy in her apartment.

Plays with dolls. See her playing with a teddy bear.

Can read. See her reading.

Plays with letter blocks. Find wooden blocks in her apartment.

Personal items[ | ]

Book (patriotic tales)

Colored pencils

Wooden blocks

Bag of candy

Chocolate candy



Special items[ | ]

Tasks provide with[ | ]

Tasks involved in[ | ]

That which is hidden will be revealed (6) . I found her DNA on a lollipop, located at the TV in apartment 1.

Additional information[ | ]

Zlata Schimmer is not schimmers child it's Jacob Mashinek's and Louisa Manishek's child

Zlata Schimmer can die by a mobile propaganda truck