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Write a report

Write a report is something that Carl or Hector can do when he suspects a tenant of breaking a government directive.

  • Sending incorrect information, or filing a report on a state protected tenant will get Carl fined $100.
  • Subjects arrested earn Carl $250., along with any additional bonuses from objectives.

To get the most income, before reporting a tenant:

  • It is best to learn as many Interests as possible from a tenant, then Profile a tenant with everything that is discovered. The more you send in one profile, the more you earn. (Check each Characters' page to see the maximum possible Interests. You may not have time to learn all of them.)
  • Blackmailing tenants will usually gain an additional $1000

A successful report leads to an arrest. This nets you a $250 reward AND results in all of the Characters' belongings being placed in a box outside their apartment, where you can easily gather them for sale or use.