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Icon bottle wine
Sell: $210
Buy: $630

Description[ | ]

Red wine in a bottle.

Profiling Text: Expensive and well-aged wine. It's not available in the State shops.

Appearance[ | ]

Appears in the rooms of some tenants, particularly those with the Wine steward profiling information.

Acquisition[ | ]

Can be found in tenants' rooms, and bought from Nathan Kehler for $630.

If a tenant is evicted while they have this item in their apartment, the item will appear in the box that appears outside their apartment.

Uses[ | ]

If found in a tenants' room for the first time, it will appear with the Profiling description in red text, which is able to be clicked on to receive 75 Reputation points as well as adding the information Wine steward to their profile.

It holds uses in many quests involving providing alcohol, such as the quest Drunk and happy, involving Clara Jacque.

It can also be sold to Nathan Kehler for $210, a moderate sum of money.

Owners[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • None of the tenants with the Drinks profiling information also have the Wine steward profiling information, implying that they either do not drink the wine or drinking wine is not considered to actually be drinking.