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Under suspicion
Who issues: George Danton (on the phone)
Time to perform: not specified
Reward for execution: no
Penalty for not completing: no

Description[ | ]

Follow Antoine Grubic.

Conditions[ | ]

Danton's request is completed.

Creator's life is completed.

Completion[ | ]

Danton called asking about Antoine Grubic. If the task The last jerk has begun and have not been completed yet, you can ask ask about Martha's Liebespirit before doing anything else.

Spy on Grubic and discover he is making propaganda posters.

You can write a report on Grubic's illegal activities (Making Propaganda posters or Reading for example) :

  • Report him to the ministry. Then you will discover that he is under state protection : you will get fined $100 but then receive $2000 for your vigilance.
  • Do not report him, and you will receive a call from the ministry for negligence. You are fined -$3000 and -75RP.

Then the task Creator's life from Grubic will start and will have to be completed. Then answer the call and decide what to tell George Danton :

  • Claim Grubic tortured you : +$500. You still can choose one of the other two options.
  • Tell Danton about Grubic. You will receive $1500 but later get Anna killed. If you are working with George Danton to get Martha's Liebespirit for The last jerk, he will inform you that his agents have has deposited the medicine in the flower pot.
  • To save Anna and get the Liebespirit at the same time, keep asking Danton about the Liebespirit whenever you have the chance and keep quiet and protect Grubic. When Grubic moves to the basement, let Danton kill him.
Antoine Grubic Report

Either way, Grubic moves out immediately.

Hint[ | ]

Consequences[ | ]

The direct consequences of your choices are detailed in the "Completion section" :

  • Antoine Grubic will move out.
  • Money : from -$3000 to +$3900 (-$100+$2000+$500+1500).
  • You can get Anna killed.

If you protect Antoine Grubic, you will get access to Weird note.