Beholder Wiki
Tick tock BOOM!
Who issues: Ministry
Time to perform: Roughly 1 minute
Penalty for not completing: Building explodes

Description[ | ]

I must deactivate the bomb!

Other conditions[ | ]

The task No more jokes is completed.

How to obtain[ | ]

I've called the Ministry about the bomb and I now need to disarm it...

The Ministry will describe three types of bombs you may be dealing with:

  • Type 1: MGB53. Wristwatch timer; six closed circuits; six sticks of dynamite.
  • Type 2: NKVD-41. Alarm clock timer; one closed circuit; nitroglyceride.
  • Type 3: GUGB-43. Digital timer; two closed circuits; pyro powder.

Examine the bomb to determine its type.

Go to your mailbox to retrieve the manual for defusing bombs.

Take the clippers from your desk (the clippers are not necessary in Trainee mode).

Return to the bomb and disarm it by clipping the wires according to the manual instructions :

  • Type 1: MGB53 : cut Red, Green, Black, Blue.
  • Type 2: NKVD-41 : cut Blue, Red, Black, Green.
  • Type 3: GUGB-43. : cut Green, Black, Blue, Red.

Hint[ | ]

Reporting that Carl defused the bomb has no time limit. This can be used to give you time to prepare for Change is coming or To go or not to go?

Consequences[ | ]

Reward : +$5000 and +1000 RP.

Access to the tasks Completion report, Change is coming and Patriotic production.