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The government knows everything
Who issues: Ministry
Time to perform: 72 hours
Reward for execution: $3000; 500 RP
Penalty for not completing: $1000

Description[ | ]

Collect the DNA samples of every adult resident in the building.

Other conditions[ | ]

The task Pick up the phone (2) is completed.

How to obtain[ | ]

Find Klaus Schimmer's sample. Find pipe in the apartment 1.

Find Maria Schimmer's sample. Find comb in the apartment 1.

Find Jacob Manishek's sample. Find razor in the apartment 2.

Find Louisa Manishek's sample. Find tea cup in the apartment 2.

Find Mark Ranek's sample. Find cigarette stubs in the apartment 3.

Find Rosa Ranek's sample. Find dentures in the apartment 3.

Find George de Latour's sample. Find comb in the apartment 4.

Give the residents' DNA samples to the courier.

Hint[ | ]

These items tend to be in a wardrobe, end table, easy chair or bookcase. (In that order)

There is also a DNA sample of Zlata Schimmer in apartment 1. (This is optional)

Because of work schedule chaos and certain characters always being home, you will have to really scurry to gather the DNA. You do have a SMALL window of opportunity where everyone is out of their apartments to watch the fireworks during Preparing for the holiday. You can use this to gain your last one or two items.

Final award[ | ]