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The butcher from Agloe
Who issues: George Danton (on the phone)
Time to perform: not specified
Penalty for not completing: no

Description[ | ]

Give evidence that the General is the butcher from Agloe

Conditions[ | ]

The task Glory to the war hero is completed

Completion[ | ]

George Danton called me asking to find out if my new tenant is "The Butcher of Agloe".[ | ]

Find a medal in Airel Johnson's apartment confirming George's theory.

Then you have to call George Danton and you will have to make a choice :

Refuse to kill the General.[ | ]

Alert Airel Johnson about the assassination attempt.

There is also an option to report the assassination to the ministry using the phone, but this will lead to George Danton coming to kill you.

Respond to the Ministry's call.

Report findings and agree to kill the General[ | ]

Select one of the following methods of killing the General:

  • Take a bomb from the revolutionist at the left streetcorner and give it to Airel Johnson. (Will have repercussions for you!)
  • Convince Airel Johnson to drink Rat poison / Arsenic. (Only available if it's in your inventory) Convince him there's a gas leak and its an antidote then again convince him. Will cost -1000RP
  • Lure Airel Johnson to the street corner under the guise of collecting his "champagne". A revolutionist will be waiting for him and will shoot him.

Enventually, answer the Ministry's call.

Hint[ | ]

You can get Rat poison from Dora Noel's apartment.

Consequences[ | ]

If you decide to get Airel Johnson killed, his apartment will get available. (No compensation for his spendings)

If you refuse to kill Airel Johnson, George Danton will arrive to kill you.