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That which is hidden will be revealed (1)
Who issues: Bruno Hempf (on the phone)
Time to perform: not specified
Penalty for not completing: no

Description[ | ]

Bruno Hempf can tell me who Zlata Schimmer's real parents are. I must tell the Schimmers how much this information will cost.

Other conditions[ | ]

How to obtain[ | ]

There are three different options to find out who Zlata Schimmer's real parents are: Maria Schimmer can spend the night with Bruno Hempf, Klaus Schimmer can give up his economist job to work as a tobacco salesman for Bruno or you pay $150 000. The following steps are:

I need to tell Bruno that Maria or Klaus accepted his proposal.

Ask Bruno who Zlata's real parents are after eight in-game hours.

Tell Klaus who Zlata's real parents are.

Hint[ | ]

Final award[ | ]

Access to the task Between Life and Death (1).