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The following is a list of every tenant at Krushvice, 6 in the DLC Blissful Sleep. You can also check the list of every character in the DLC or the list of tenants in the base game Beholder. All tenants expect children can give you 2000$ (who doesn't like free money? )

List of tenants[ | ]

Name Image
Christopher Danson Christopher Danson
George de Latour George de Latour
Gertrude Danson Gertrude Danson
Jacob Manishek (DLC) Jacob Manishek
Jeanne Oehrn (DLC) Jeanne Oehrn
Johanne Bessler Johanne Bessler
Khan Van Megeren Khan van Megeren
Klaus Schimmer (DLC) Klaus Schimmer
Lionel Kramer Lionel Kramer
Louisa Manishek Louisa Manishek
Marcus Manishek Marcus Manishek
Maria Schimmer (DLC) Maria Schimmer
Mark Ranek (DLC) Mark Ranek
Murray Gibbs Murray Gibbs
Rosa Ranek (DLC) Rosa Ranek
Zlata Schimmer Zlata Schimmer