Beholder Wiki

Quests in the game Beholder can be obtained by talking to a character with an exclamation mark above, however some quests are hidden and will only appear if you are interested in the tenants' lives. Find this out by talking to or watching them. Some tasks are given by phone and others will appear automatically. Individual quests or entire quest chains can appear or conversely become inaccessible, depending on the performance of other tasks. The active tasks are displayed in the log on the left hand corner of the screen in the form of a list, along with time limit (if any). In order to receive a reward you must fulfil the requirements of the quest within the time given.

As a reward for successful completion of the assignment you can obtain reputation points (or authority points, abbreviated to "RP"), money ("$") and items from other characters.

"RP" - Reputation points are necessary to maintain the level of confidence the Ministry has in you. They can be spent on:

- the purchase of surveillance cameras. (From the state store);

- the persuasion of other characters

However if your reputation points or money go into the negative, Carl will be arrested.

The following is a list of tasks in the core game Beholder. You can also check the list of tasks in the DLC Blissful Sleep.

List of tasks[ | ]

06 family guy
11 pimp my bride
08 bahama mama
Task Issuer
Accession Bruno Hempf
Affordable apartment automatically
All-in Leo Gvizdek
Ambulance Martha Stein
Bedtime stories Anna Stein
Bills, bills, and more bills Anna Stein
Broken TV Anna Stein
But what if she… Bastian Walner
Change is coming Ministry
Chaos and anarchy  Ministry
Citizen registration Ministry
Chocolate сandy Anna Stein
Complaints about Clara Ministry
Completion report automatically
Creator's life Antoine Grubic
Crime and punishment Ministry
Date night Patrick Stein
Danton's request George Danton (on the phone)
Difficult conversation Sarah Wattermach
Document theft Albert Meineke
Drunk and happy Clara Jacque
Empty house automatically
Farewell, motherland! Klaus Schimmer
Fear and hate Dora Noel
Faraway lands Patrick Stein
Gathering data Alloisius Shpak
Great offer Jones Popanedo
Glory to the war hero Ministry
Grocery money Anna Stein
Horns & Hoofs automatically
Homeland will never forgive Albert Meineke
Insomnia Dora Noel
Life-threatening condition Anna Stein
Local opposition automatically
Lonely Alloisius Alloisius Shpak
Love on the phone Alloisius Shpak
Making up Jones Popanedo
Martha's doctor Anna Stein
Martha is sick Anna Stein
Ministry inquiry Ministry
Ministry order (Klaus Schimmer) Ministry
Ministry order (poster) Ministry
Missing glasses Mark Ranek
Mystery box George Danton
No more jokes Ministry
No more propaganda George Danton (on the phone)
On the brink of expulsion Patrick Stein
Papers, please! Klaus Schimmer
Patriotic production unknown terrorists on the phone
Pick up the phone automatically
Propaganda (3) Ministry
Propaganda (5) Ministry
Repairs Ministry
Saving a life Inga Birkenfeld
Seasonal fruit Anna Stein
Spick and span! Leo Gvizdek
That which is hidden will be revealed Ministry
The butcher from Agloe George Danton (on the phone)
The hunt for an engineer Albert Meineke
The last jerk Anna Stein
Tick tock BOOM! Ministry
To go or not to go? Georg Dreiman
Trust and care automatically
Under suspicion George Danton (on the phone)
Unexpected turn Ministry
Weather at home Anna Stein
Weird note Anna Stein
Wedding preparations Alloisius Shpak