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Solitary Man is an achievement in the Trainee mode of Beholder. It is earned by having all of Carl Stein's family (Anna Stein, Patrick Stein, and Martha Stein) die.

It's Government Elite counterpart is Beholden To No One.

How to Obtain[ | ]

  • By far the easiest way to obtain this achievement is found during the task Tick tock BOOM!. If Carl does not defuse the bomb in this task, or defuses it incorrectly, everyone in the apartment building will die. This includes Carl's family.
    • This may be an unsatisfactory method for players attempting a no-death run, as it necessitates killing Carl.
  • Patrick can die if no money is paid to the university in the quest On the brink of expulsion and in the quest Faraway lands when crossing the border. He will also die if money is paid to the university but not in the quest Faraway lands unless you agree with the ministry to send him to a correction facility as he will become a revolutionary and can die in the quest The butcher from Agloe or in a bank robbery attempt to run off with his lover