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Soda (Foreign)
Icon soda foreign
Sell: $100
Buy: $300
Soda (Foreign)
Icon soda foreign
Sell: $1000
Buy: $3000

Description[ | ]

Foreign. Contents unknown

When Illegal: Illegal Object Found!

Appearance[ | ]

Appears in some tenants' rooms, as well as in Nathan Kehler's shop after government directive no. 6044.

Acquisition[ | ]

Can be found in some tenants' rooms.

Can be purchased from Nathan Kehler after it becomes illegal for $3000.

Use[ | ]

If found in a tenant's room, can be used to blackmail or evict them.

After they become illegal, can be planted in a tenant's room to blackmail or to evict them.

Can be taken and sold for $1000 while illegal.

Owners[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Foreign Soda becoming prohibited ties in with the prohibition of many other foreign items, such as foreign music.