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Soccer ball
Icon soccer ball
Sell: $40
Buy: $120

Description[ | ]

This ball has been kicked around quite a bit. Good thing it was well made.

Profiling Text: This ball has found the net many times.

Appearance[ | ]

Appears in tenants' rooms, especially those with the Plays soccer interest.

Acquisition[ | ]

Can be found and taken from tenants' rooms, though this will possibly incur fines for stealing if discovered.

If a tenant is evicted while they have this item in their apartment, the item will appear in the box that appears outside their apartment.

Can also be purchased from Nathan Kehler if previously sold to him for $120.

Use[ | ]

If found in a tenants' room for the first time, it will appear with the Profiling description in red text, which is able to be clicked on to receive 75 Reputation points as well as adding the information Plays soccer to their profile.

Otherwise, it has no other uses other than being sold to Nathan Kehler.

Owners[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • We see that in Beholder, it is known as a soccer ball, implying that the country does not call it football as most countries across the world do.