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Skeleton in the Closet
Who issues: is automatically issued
Time to perform: not specified
Reward for execution: $3,000


Penalty for not completing: no

Description[ | ]

I found a skeleton in Kramer's closet. I need to find out who it was.

Other conditions[ | ]

How to obtain[ | ]

Search Lionel Kramer's apartment thoroughly.

Find a bone in his apartment, look for DNA on it. (Hint: do a profile on him before anything else. +525RP +$1400)

Call the Ministry to check the DNA. (-2,000RP)

Get the DNA results (+75RP). This gives you the evidence you need to report Kramer. (+$250)

Hint[ | ]

Do not steal the Skeleton or you will immediately fail the task.. Kramer will yell at you and leave. Just steal the bone that fell off. He won't notice that.

Make sure you do a profile on Lionel Kramer *before* you call in the DNA evidence.

Final award[ | ]

Net +$4,650

Net -400RP