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The Shop, or the State Store, allows you to purchase Items and is run by the Ministry.

Information[ | ]

In the shop, there are two basic sets of items: kits, and surveillance cameras.

  • Kits are used to repair furniture and appliances when they are damaged(e.g. by riots).
  • Surveillance cameras are bought to be placed around the apartment to spy on tenants.

Items for purchase[ | ]

Icon Name Description Price in the shop
Icon repair wooden parts Cabinetmaker's kit Furniture repair kit. $50
Icon repair mechanical parts Electrician's kit Appliance repair kit. $50
Icon device camera 0 rec Surveillance camera I Narrow viewing range. Videotaping available. 50 RP
Icon device camera 1 rec Surveillance camera II Moderate viewing range. Videotaping available. 150 RP
Icon device camera 2 rec Surveillance camera III Wide viewing range. Videotaping available. 350 RP