Beholder Wiki

Save Game Editing[ | ]

Saved games of Beholder can be edited in order to adjust the amount of money you have.

Making a backup copy[ | ]

Always make a backup copy of the save you are going to be editing, in case of any issues or errors. You should make a copy of both your DATA and BIN-files, even though you will only be editing the DATA file.

Find your chosen savegame in your \Documents\Warm Lamp Games\Beholder\Saves folder and make a copy.

You can find your most recent save by sorting your files by date.

(The game saves every time you accept a new task)

Editing Money[ | ]

  1. Open the game and load the save that you want to edit. Make note of the amount of money you have. A a slightly uneven number like 1650 is easier to find than 400, but both can work.
  2. Close your game.
  3. Open your chosen save (The DATA file not the BIN) with a program like notepad++ and use ctrl-F to search for the amount of money you had at this save
    You may find more than one if you have a commonly used number.
  4. Edit the number and save your file.
  5. Play and enjoy.