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In Beholder and Blissful Sleep, Reputation points are received through the completion of tasks, as well as talking to the tenants in the apartment.

Description[ | ]

Reputation Points

Reputation points are points that can be earned and spent by Carl. The current amount that Carl has is located underneath the amount of money he currently has, in the top right of the player's screen.

Acquisition[ | ]

Reputation points are often awarded through the completion of tasks, but are also earned for gathering information on tenants.

Searching a tenants' room and discovering objects of interest grant 75 Reputation Points per piece of unique information gathered. These items will appear with red text underneath them, and clicking on the red text will add the information to their profile. Note that these traits can only be used once.

Discovering information by seeing tenants' actions through surveillance cameras or by Carl visibly seeing them allows for the information to be added to the profile as well. This shown by either a green icon or a red icon around an action, which can be clicked on for 75 Reputation Points.

  • Note that these traits can only be used once.
  • A green icon is a legal trait, while a red icon is illegal trait
    • Illegal traits can be clicked on again if the trait was removed from the profile via blackmail.
Red Text Information

Lastly, information can be discovered by talking to other tenants. Tenants will sometimes reveal information about other tenants in red text, which will automatically be added to that tenant's profile.

Use[ | ]

Reputation points have two primary uses: Surveillance cameras and to influence others.

Using the shop next to the amount of money and reputation points one currently has, the player can purchase surveillance cameras. Only three types of cameras can be purchased.

Reputation points can also be used to influence others to do certain actions, typically in lieu of money. When this is possible, a button will appear in the dialogue box allowing for that to occur.