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Profile a tenant

Profile a tenant is an option that Carl or Hector can do from his desk when he has learned the interests of any of his tenants. When you profile a tenant, you send interests to the ministry and they give you money for the profile.

  • Each interest found will earn him +75RP the first time he finds it.
  • The more Interests you put in a single profile, the reward grows exponentially. Check a characters' page to see the maximum possible Interests to be found. Note, that you may not have time to discover them all, and some may require triggers.
    • 1st Interest +$125
    • 2nd Interest +$150 (Total for 2: $275)
    • 3rd Interest +$175 (Total for 3: $450)
    • 4th Interest +$200 (Total for 4: $650)
    • 5th Interest +$225 (Total for 5: $875)

Putting any wrong information on the form will get the main character fined for $100 and all interests used are wasted.