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Patriotic production
Who issues: unknown terrorists on the phone
Time to perform: not specified
Reward for execution: $5000
Penalty for not completing: no

Description[ | ]

An anonymous person has ordered me to kill Inga Birkenfeld.

Conditions[ | ]

Completion[ | ]

I received a phonecall asking me to kill Inga Birkenfeld.

  • Talk to Igna about her cough. Then get a bottle of Arsenic or Rat poison. Give Igna the poison as a cough remedy.(-2000 Reputation)

  • Perhaps I could use her own daughter against her? Find foreign coins in her apartment. Tell Gerda about her mother disobeying the law and her own daughter will report her. (-1000 Reputation)

Hint[ | ]

Consequences[ | ]

Access to the quest Citizen registration.