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Slightly short
My oldest son. He's studying to become an engineer. He's a kind and passionate young man.

My oldest son. He dropped of university, so he's a miner now.

Gender: Male
Age: 17
Job: University student / Miner
Location: Basement

When available for settlement[ | ]

A family member. Comes with Carl Stein.

Interests[ | ]

Personal items[ | ]

Special items[ | ]


Tasks provide with[ | ]

Date night

Faraway lands

On the brink of expulsion

Tasks involved in[ | ]

Trust and care

Local opposition

Missing glasses

Chaos and anarchy

Additional information[ | ]

Patrick is a son of Carl Stein.

Patrick can be expelled from the University if his tuition isn't paid. He will be forced into the mines and then want to escape in Faraway lands.

Conversely, if you come up with the tuition money and fulfilled Date night, he will want to flee the country with his girlfriend's family in Faraway lands and If you do not come up with the money, it will lead to Chaos and anarchy.

Patrick can also help Carl and his family escape in the quest To go or not to go?. For him to help, Carl needs to give him the cruise tickets in the quest Faraway lands.

He will kill Carl if he reports Anna Stein to the state.

Patrick is known for being ambitious, recalcitrant and is often inclined to commit rash acts.

Patrick Can be brainwashed by completing Chaos and anarchy.