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Papers, please!
Papers, please!
Who issues: Klaus Schimmer
Time to perform: not specified
Penalty for not completing: no

Description[ | ]

Klaus Schimmer asked me to obtain his absentee form from the archive.

Condition[ | ]

The task That which is hidden will be revealed is completed.

Talk to Klaus Schimmer about the ministry order and agree to help him.

Completions[ | ]

Obtain Schimmer's papers from the archive.

To do this, first, talk to Mark Ranek and ask him to help Klaus. When questioned, if you choose to be honest about your intentions, you will then have to bribe Mark with a whiskey, which can be obtained in the following ways:

Alternatively, if you choose to be vague, you can then choose one of the following options to convince him to help:

  • Yell at Mark Ranek, which costs 100 influence points.
  • Bribe Mark Ranek for $500 if you complement him.
  • Bribe Mark Ranek $1000 without complementing him.

Once one of these is done, Mark will leave the building. Talk to him when he returns to get Klaus' absentee certificate.

Consequences[ | ]

Access to the quest Farewell, motherland!

Citizen Mark Ranek reported the bribery of an official. You tried to gain illegal access to the archive papers on Klaus Schimmer. You are issued a warning and a fine.

If you chose to bribe Mark Ranek (with whiskey or money), you will be fined $3000 later in the game when the Raneks move out.

Trivia[ | ]

This may be a reference to the game Papers, Please by Lucas Pope.