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No more propaganda
Who issues: George Danton (on the phone)
Time to perform: 48 hours
Reward for execution: none
Penalty for not completing: Unexpected turn

Description[ | ]

Danton wants me to reprogram the propagation machine to send out messages encouraging revolution. I need find out how it works.

Conditions[ | ]

Completion[ | ]

Talk to Justas Markovich :

  • Ask him to leave ahead of his schedule for $500 will fail.
  • When you talk about the car you can either spend 500 Reputation or $5000 to change the settings.
  • Bribe Justas Markovich with a bottle of rum ($810) : The technician told me everything. But he won't let me take a car before I bring him a bottle of rum.

Now Justas has left his post, You need to get a screwdriver to open the panel. You can find one in your apartment or buy one for $105.

Then you need to enter a code : the Great Leader's Birthday. You can know him by talking with your wife : 21/12/1864. Go back to the propagation machine and enter the code.

You can now change the frequency :

  • 81.6 (if you have talked to your wife about the propagation machine, she will tell you first that this is a children radio frequency).
  • 101.9 (the frequency Danton wants).

Hint[ | ]

You can get a bottle of rum for $810 from Nathan Kehler or steal one.

Don't sell your screwdriver earlier in the game.

Bedtime stories may need to be completed for your wife to give you the Great Leader's Birthday and to unlock the 81.6 frequency option.

Consequences[ | ]

Changing the frequency to 81.6 will get you the Bad Time Stories Achievement, but no monetary reward and a warning from the Ministry.

Changing the frequency to 101.9 will get you a $3000 reward from the rebels but a -$3000 fine from the Ministry.