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Nathan Kehler (core)
Nathan Kehler
Gender: Male
Job: Trader

Profile[ | ]

Nathan will appear routinely outside Krushvice, 6, to the left of the street. Carl can sell and buy items from him.

During many tasks, he may offer the items needed to complete that quest. (e.g. heater, Dream radio, etc.).

He will buy any item, including Survelliance Cameras, illegal items, and quest items. Illegal items cost and sell for more when they become illegal. He sells items for 3 times the cost he pays for them, and can resell any item that Carl sells to him.

At the start of the game, he has a limited stock of items, but expands his stock as the game progresses and as he is sold items.

In a few cases, specifically tasks, he is able to be interacted with in ways other than trading. The tasks in mention include Great offer, The last jerk, and To go or not to go?

When available for settlement[ | ]

Doesn't settle.

Special items[ | ]


Money (envelope)

Tasks involved in[ | ]

Great offer

The last jerk

Additional information[ | ]

He does not like illegal gambling, mentioned when talking to him during To go or not to go?