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Mystery box
Who issues: George Danton
Time to perform: not specified
Reward for execution: $3000
Penalty for not completing: no

Description[ | ]

I need to give this box to Fulfledle Brukich.

Conditions[ | ]

Completion[ | ]

Talk to George Danton

Accept the box.

Then you have to choose between these 3 options :

  • Take the box back to your office. Open it and take the items inside. If you take the box to your office, you will then get a notice to talk to Fulfledle Brukich. This results in him threatening you. You can:
    • Bribe him (-$5000)
    • Use your reputation (-500RP) to calm him down. In this way, you get a free pistol for the Dora Noel task Fear and Hate, or just to sell for $2000.
    • Ride it out. Then he gets angry and kills you.
  • Turn down the deal. Then Danton will insist and ask again. If you refuse again, nothing more happens but Fulfledle Brukich moves out shortly thereafter.

Hint[ | ]

Consequences[ | ]

Announced reward : +$3000

Regardless the path you chose : access to Danton's request.