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Murray Gibbs
Murray Gibbs
A tired and lonely old man. No one cares about him.
Gender: Male
Age: 67
Job: A cook on a military campus
Location: lives alone

When available for settlement[ | ]

After completing the task The government knows everything.

Interests[ | ]

Is extremely patriotic. See him raise & salute the flag outside the house.

Likes to cook. Find a cook book in his apartment.

Smokes a pipe. See him smoking or find tobacco in his apartment.

Drinks. See him drinking.

Stores foreign coins. Find foreign money in his apartment.

Personal items[ | ]



Cook book

Book (leader)


World map

Tiger balm



Insulating tape

Foreign money

Special items[ | ]

Health permit

Tasks provide with[ | ]

Honor and Respect (1)

Honor and Respect (2)

Brand New Life

An Old Wound

Tasks involved in[ | ]

That which is hidden will be revealed (5)

Additional information[ | ]

Lost his leg in the war. Find this out by talking to him.

Murray Gibbs is secretly a pirate in Brand New Life