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Ministry order (poster)
Who issues: Ministry
Time to perform: 48 hours
Reward for execution: 500 RP
Penalty for not completing: fined $1000

This article is about the task concerning the vandalised poster in the base game. You may be looking for another task called Ministry order.

Description[ | ]

Find the vandal who spoiled the poster and write a report on him.

Conditions[ | ]

Completion[ | ]

Speak to Irving Munch about the vandalised poster and use 500RP to complain about vandals.

He will then confess. Then you can:

  • cover up the poster (+250RP) (you can chose the other solution)
  • report him (+500RP)

After you cover up the poster, you can report him.

Consequences[ | ]

Access to Completion report.

Announced reward : +500RP.

You can also earn +250RP if you cover up the poster.

After covering up the poster, you can speak to Irving to talk about the new poster. Saying you liked it will net you +1000RP, whereas saying it's horrible will give you a personality "sucks at drawing propoganda banners", and the +75RP that comes with it.