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Martha's doctor
Martha's doctor
Who issues: Anna Stein
Time to perform: 36 hours
Reward for execution: 150 RP
Penalty for not completing: -150 RP

Description[ | ]

My wife said the pills didn't work. She wants me to find a doctor.

Conditions[ | ]

The task Martha is sick has been completed.

Completion[ | ]

Speak to Alloisius about your daughter's condition.

Hint[ | ]

If you haven't already rented a room to Alloisius Shpak, you need to. If you do not, he will cease to appear in the Bulletin board. The price for Martha’s surgery goes up with the State doctor

Consequences[ | ]

Announced reward : +150RP

Access to the quest Life-threatening condition.

If you don't complete this task in time, you will lose 150RP, Martha will die, costing you $1000 in funeral expenses.