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Love on the phone
Who issues: Alloisius Shpak
Time to perform: not specified
Reward for execution: cruise tickets
Penalty for not completing: no

Description[ | ]

The doctor's new girlfriend keeps bugging him. I need to evict her.

Conditions[ | ]

The task Drunk and happy is completed.

Completion[ | ]

Talk to Clara and tell her you're evicting her. She refuses and you:

  • Insist on eviction (-1000RP)
  • Bribe (-$5,000)
  • Ask to leave - If you ask her to leave, Clara will ask you to find Alloisius' cache. Then she'll leave.Talk to Alloisius Shpak about family jewels. If asked where the perfect place would be to hide something, Alloisius will reveal the location. Inform Clara. She will steal the item and leave

Clara left. I need to tell Alloisius.

Talk to Alloisius Shpak. After a brief conversation he will pass on the Cruise tickets to Carl and leave the building.

Hint[ | ]

There is a third way to complete this quest without the eviction. You will still receive Cruise tickets and keep doctor Shpak as a tenant. To achieve this, you have to report Clara and then speak with the doctor after the arrest.

Consequences[ | ]

You will not be able to heal Martha if Alloisius leaves without giving you the cruise ticket.