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Louisa Manishek
Louisa Manishek
Stays at home with her son because of poor health.
Gender: Female
Age: 38
Job: Housewife
Location: apartment 2, lives with son and husband

When available for settlement[ | ]

Interests[ | ]

Likes to ice skate. Find ice skates in her apartment.

Plays tennis. Find tennis kit in her apartment.

Smokes a pipe. See her smoking.

Likes to read. See Louisa reading.

Personal items[ | ]

Ice skates

Tennis kit

Empty bottles


Chocolate bar


Green apple

Record (Foreign)

Purple blouse

Blue blouse

Book (leader)

Special items[ | ]

Tea cup

Tasks provide with[ | ]

To the Shelter

Between Life and Death (2)

Silent Scream

Home Alone (1)

The Price of a Life

Tasks involved in[ | ]

The People's Blood

Between Life and Death (1)

Additional information[ | ]