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Looking for parents
Who issues: Klaus Schimmer
Time to perform: 120 hours
Reward for execution: $5000
Penalty for not completing: Zlata dies, access to the quest Pick up the phone (6)

Description[ | ]

Zlata Schimmer is in the hospital. I need to find out who her real parents are.

Other conditions[ | ]

Several hours after the quest Preparing for the holiday is completed.

How to obtain[ | ]

There are a few different ways to obtain the information:

1. Call the ministry and ask for a DNA test. (-2,000RP)

2. Call your boss at the ministry. He will provide you with three choices to choose from: (Access to That which is hidden will be revealed)

1. Have Maria go and sleep with Humpf.
2. Have Klaus quit his job for Humpf's nephew.
3. To give the state money of $150,000.

3. Ask Mark Ranek for his help in locating the parents.

1. He wants a health permit for Rosa.
1. Allow Murray Gibbs to move in and ask him about a health certificate (-1,000RP).
2. Complete Brand New Life and he will give you a certificate.
3. Buy one from the trader for $4500.

Hint[ | ]

The fastest choice is option 1. Just talk to Maria.

Final award[ | ]

Access to the quest Between Life and Death (1).