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Lonely Alloisius
Lonely Alloisius
Who issues: Alloisius Shpak
Time to perform: 36 hours
Reward for execution: Depends on the solution
Penalty for not completing: no

Description[ | ]

Alloisius Shpak asked me to find him a girlfriend

Other conditions[ | ]

How to obtain[ | ]

This task has two possible branches, each of which have several actions which may be taken with varying rewards.

Solution 1: The Mail Order Bride[ | ]

In the mail Carl will get a phone number.

Go to the phone and dial the number. You'll be asked to wait for them to call back after which they accept and arrive.

Tell Alloisius about the girl. This will start Love on the Phone : he will ask for a chocolate bar. Give it to him and he will head off on a date.

After a few in game hours Alloisius will return. Ask him what happened. He will ask you if his girlfriend can stay with him:

  • Agree and get $500
  • Object and get $1000.

Klara Jacque will arrive by bus and move in with Alloisius.

Alloisius will eventually have another task for you: Get rid of Clara :

  • If accepted, there are several methods of getting Klara evicted:
  1. Talk to Clara Jacque and insist for -1000 RP
  2. Talk to Clara Jacque and bribe her for -$5000.
  3. Talk to Clara Jacque and ask her. This will start the task Love on the phone and ends Lonely Alloisius.
  4. Get an illegal item, place it in her apartment, get the Interest and write a report.

Solution 2: Raneks' Niece[ | ]

Talk to Rosa Ranek about Alloisius Shpak's loneliness

Talk to Alloisius about loneliness and tell him about his new girlfriend.

Shortly after Sarah Wattermach arrives outside. This will start Difficult conversation : greet her and tell Alloisius about her. She will move in with Alloisius.

Alloisius will eventually have another task for you: Gathering data.

Hint[ | ]

The game will only allow the first option you choose, whether it's looking at the ad or talking to Rosa Ranek.

Consequences[ | ]

Solution 1 :

Solution 2 :