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Life-threatening condition
Life-threatening condition
Who issues: Anna Stein
Time to perform: 80 hours
Reward for execution: 1000 RP
Penalty for not completing: Martha died

Description[ | ]

I need $20,000 to treat Martha, and I'm running out of time.

Condition[ | ]

Completion[ | ]

Have enough money to talk to Alloisius and give him $20000.

If Alloisius dies or leaves, Anna will take Martha to another doctor and the price of her treatment will be $30000.

Hint[ | ]

You should start to gather money before this task. In order to do so, you can :

  • gathering all your things and sell them
  • steal items and sell them
  • get items before they become illegal and sell them when they are illegal
  • blackmail tenants (+$2000)
  • profile tenants
  • report tenants (+$250)

Consequences[ | ]

Access to the task Seasonal fruit.

If you don't complete this task in time, Martha will die, costing you $1000 in funeral expenses.