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Foreign medicine for Martha
Sell (Legal): $500
Buy (Legal): $1500
Sell (Illegal): $5000
Buy (Illegal): $15000
Criminalising Directive: Dir. 6048 (8th Sept. 1984)

Liebespirit is an item in Beholder. It is a rare foreign medicine required in the task The last jerk to save Martha Stein from succumbing to her deadly lung condition.

How to Obtain[ | ]

  • Nathan Kehler can acquire the medicine at the price of $15000.
  • In the task Under Suspicion, Carl may negotiate with George Danton to attain Liebespirit as payment for harboring Antoine Grubic.
    • If Carl outs Grubic as a government operative to Danton, allowing Danton's plans to succeed. The Liebespirit will then be left in the flower pot at the front of the building. Acquiring the Liebespirit through this method will cause Danton's planned riots to execute correctly, resulting in Anna Stein being trampled by a mob.
    • To save Anna and get the Liebespirit at the same time, ask Danton for the Liebespirit and then choose the option that protect Grubic's real identity from Danton. When Grubic moves to the basement, let Danton kill Grubic.