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Leo Gvizdek
Leo Gvizdek
Won the national labor lottery!
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Job: Turner
Location: lives alone

When available for settlement[ | ]

Will settle 10 hours after Fulfledle has been settled in.

Interests[ | ]

  • Drinks. See Leo drinking.
  • Drinks сoffee. Find turkish coffee pot in his apartment.
  • Likes to fish. Find fishing rod in his apartment.
  • Plays soccer. Find soccer ball in his apartment.
  • Smokes a pipe. See Leo smoking or find tobacco in his apartment.
  • Works out. Find dumbbells in his apartment.

Personal items[ | ]

Special items[ | ]

Tasks provide with[ | ]

Spick and span!


Tasks involved in[ | ]

Horns & Hoofs

Additional information[ | ]

He won the labor lottery and is in town for a celebration of his winnings.