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Klaus Schimmer (core)
Klaus Schimmer
Ex-owner of the apartment building
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Job: Tobacco salesman
Location: apartment 1, lives with Maria Schimmer

Info[ | ]

Klaus Schimmer is one of the original tenants of the apartment building. He lives in Apartment 1 with his wife, Maria Schimmer.

He and his wife used to own the building, but it was seized by the government several years prior to the events of the game. He claims that he fought against the seizure, causing the authorities to hold a grudge against him.

When available for settlement[ | ]

Already settled when Carl & his family arrive.

Interests[ | ]

Personal items[ | ]

Special items[ | ]

Books (economics)

Teddy bear

Tasks provide with[ | ]

Papers, please! - Klaus will ask Carl to retrieve his absentee certificate from the city archives.

Farewell, motherland! - Carl must find a way for Klaus to escape the country.

Tasks involved in[ | ]

Trust and care - Klaus can provide Carl with books on economics if Carl has a positive reputation with him.

That which is hidden will be revealed - Carl must ask the other tenants for information on Klaus.

Ministry order - Carl is tasked with evicting Klaus from the apartment building.

Making up - Carl can ransom Klaus to Jones Popanedo.

Effects of the player's actions[ | ]

If Carl chooses to report Klaus during Ministry order, Klaus will be beaten and arrested by the authorities.

If he is ransomed to Jones Popanedo during Making up, he will attempt to escape the country on the coal barge, but it will crash and sink, killing him.

If he is given cruise tickets, he and Maria will successfully escape the country.

If a report is written on Maria and she is arrested, Klaus will leave.

Additional information[ | ]

He can help reduce the cost of escaping abroad by $10,000 if Carl gives Klaus cruise tickets in the quest Farewell Motherland!.

He will also kill Carl if he is threaten with eviction with no justification. This will give you the That's Because I'm Black Achievement.

According to Beholder 2 Carl in lore of beholder got books on economics for Patrick and then reported on him getting Klaus arrested.

Additionally, in Beholder 2, the player may receive a denunciation report of Klaus for owning and reading banned literature from an individual claiming to be Klau's brother-in-law.