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Jeanne Oehrn (core)
Jeanne Oehrn
Gender: Female

When available for settlement[ | ]

Doesn't settle.

Interests[ | ]

No interests

Personal items[ | ]

No personal items

Special items[ | ]

No special Items

Tasks provide with[ | ]

No tasks to provide with

Tasks involved in[ | ]

To go or not to go?

If you agree to support the movement for $5000, she will tell you about a cock named "Wise Chief," which is instrumental to the illegal cock fight.

When Georg Dreiman gives you a chance to leave the country for a large price, you can earn $50000 from Nathan Kehler(Trader) if you pay Nathan $5000 and choose "Wise Chief." The cock will win the fight and you will get $40000 of profit.

Additional information[ | ]

Strong woman campaigning for Women's Rights.

If you donate to her cause, "Wise Chief" will win the cockfight.