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This article is about Jacob Manishek in the core game Beholder, you may be looking for Jacob Manishek in the DLC Blissful Sleep.

Jacob Manishek (core)
Jacob Manishek
A slippery snake of a guy
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Job: Unemployed
Location: apartment 2, lives alone

Profile[ | ]

Jacob Manishek is one of the original tenants in the apartment building, and is located in Apartment 2.

He acts as a tutorial for Carl and the player, as one of the first tasks is to see him doing something illegal and evict him.

Biography[ | ]

In the main game, Carl meets Jacob Manishek as he moves in.

When Carl speaks to his family, he learns that Jacob Manishek pushed Martha down the stairs, threatened Patrick, and tried to grope Anna.

He is very rude to Carl when talked to, and threatens his family upon exiting conversation with him.

One of Carl's first tasks is to evict Jacob by catching him do something illegal.

Jacob is seen smoking, drinking, and producing drugs.

Not much depth is given to his story in Beholder, but in the DLC Blissful Sleep, we learn much more about him and who he used to be...

When available for settlement[ | ]

He is already settled in apartment 2 when Carl & his family arrive.

Interests[ | ]

  • Dangerous tendencies. Find broken bottle in his apartment.
  • Doesn't make trouble. Find empty bottles in his apartment after he's been drinking.
  • Drinks. See Jacob drink alcohol.
  • Likes to gamble. Find deck of cards and dice in his apartment.
  • Smokes a pipe. See Jacob smoking.

Illegal Actions[ | ]

Personal items[ | ]

Tasks involved in[ | ]

Crime and punishment - Carl must gather data on Jacob, and find proof that he is engaging in illegal activities.

Additional information[ | ]

In the quest Crime and Punishment the player can blackmail Jacob Manishek for an extra $1000. Further attempts to blackmail him will result in him ignoring the attempts.