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This article is about Jacob Manishek in the DLC Blissful Sleep, you may be looking for Jacob Manishek in the core game Beholder.

Jacob Manishek (DLC)
Jacob Manishek
Works with gifted children in a special boarding school.
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Job: Chemistry teacher
Location: apartment 2, lives with son and wife

When available for settlement[ | ]

He is already settled in apartment 2 when the game begins.

Interests[ | ]

Drinks. See him drinking.

Smokes a pipe. See him smoking.

Dangerous tendencies. Find broken bottle in his apartment.

Likes to gamble. Find a deck of cards and dice in his apartment.

Drinks coffee. Find turkish coffee pot in his apartment.

Personal items[ | ]

Deck of cards and dice

Broken bottle

Record (Dance)


Empty bottles


Turkish coffee pot

Old sweater

Old shoes

Special items[ | ]

Razor (blood)

Tasks provide with[ | ]

Tasks involved in[ | ]

Between Life and Death (1)

Additional information[ | ]