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The following article is a about items in the DLC Blissful Sleep. You can also find a list of items for the core game or a complete list of items for both. Here is a list of fixed DNA items in Blissful Sleep. Eventually, here is a list of items that can be purchased in the Shop.

Items are accessed through the Inventory. Most can be purchased or sold by trader Nathan Kehler(with the exception of the DNA items).

If you discover an item in a tenant's apartment, you have the option to steal it, or you can obtain information by clicking on the colored text (called an Interest). This earns you +75RP. Interests can be profiled for money.

List of items[ | ]

Icon Name Description Sell Buy
Icon potion healer fire Merry Dracaris The Merry Dracaris balm will make you feel reborn! $1000 $3000
Icon potion healer police Face the Monsters Soothes anxiety, hypochondria and other weaknesses of the human spirit. $1000 $3000
Icon potion healer love Love Potion This potion can make anyone fall in love with anything. $1000 $3000
Icon potion inventor Killer Descartes This concoction will set your mind ablaze with ideas and fantasies! Dilute three drops per 50 liters of water. $1000 $3000
Icon potion veteran Leg Grow This concoction will give you the ability to grow extra limbs. $1000 $3000
Icon potion maniac Blast from the Past Enables you to face the ghosts of your past. $1000 $3000
Icon potion healer bug Bug spray It smells disgusting. Perhaps the bugs will leave just to escape the smell. $500 $1500
Icon gun2 BFG900 The sign says, "Break glass in case of demonic invasion." $1000 $3000
Icon games box Diseases: The Game The box says, "Your kids will have a great time playing Diseases!" $150 $450
Icon portal gun Unknown weapon The sign says this device rips open the inter-dimensional plane, allowing for immediate movement between two points in time and space. $800 $2400
Icon mind read minds Strange helmet The manual says this machine can read a person's thoughts (or the thoughts of an animal or insect) from as far away as five centimetres. $499 $1497
Icon oscilloscope Oscillograph A scientific device. I hope it's not prohibited. $299 $897
Icon parrot Parrot A rather aggressive bird. $500 $1500
Icon healer book Daires I'm afraid to even have this journal. Who knows what might happen? $30 $90
Icon personal file Profile This folder contains Zlata Schimmer's profile. The first page says Jacob and Louisa Manishek are her biological parents! $7 $21
Icon gem Gem A large, unpolished amethyst. $10000 $30000
Icon herbal pouch Herbs A variety of smelling herbs. $15 $45
Icon gost mail State Standard Form A stamped form for the creation of a statue. Add a detailed description in the empty portions. $100 $300
Icon medical certificate Health certificate It says Maria Schimmer is infertile. $3 $9
Icon police badge Badge A shiny, sharp police badge. $350 $1050
Icon police truncheon Cudgel A rubber police cudgel. It will break your bones with a crack and leave no bruises on your body. $250 $750
Icon girls dress Dress A pink dress for a young girl. It's fancy and expensive! $850 $2550
Icon girls shoes Shoes (DLC) Little shoes with bows. $80 $240
Icon canned cat Canned cat food For felines only. $50 $150
Icon fireworks Fireworks Don't point these at people until they betray their nation! $300 $900
Icon skeleton Skeleton This is a real human skeleton. It's wearing gloves! $1500 $4500
Icon bone Skeleton fragment A small piece of bone. $1 $3
Icon scarecrow painting Stuffed crow (with makeup) The crow looks better with makeup. It kind of resembles a parrot. $250 $750
Icon scarecrow Stuffed crow This crow reminds me of a duck. $350 $1050
Icon platypus Stuffed platypus I've never seen this cute animal up close before. $250 $750
Icon caviar Red caviar (legal) Incredibly, the delicacy in this jar has not expired! $770 $2310
Icon caviar Red caviar (illegal) Incredibly, the delicacy in this jar has not expired! $7700 $23100
Icon duct tape rope Rope and sticky tape Just imagine the trouble you could-- I mean how useful these two things could be. $17 $51
Icon sandwich Open-faced sandwich Crispy bread with a slice of cheese and a big piece of salami. $10 $30
Icon suitcase big Suitcase A large, durable suitcase. $350 $1050
Icon women handkerchief Scarf A scarf made of the finest silk and infused with essence of violet. $850 $2250
Icon letter Letter (Danson) "It's my 88th birthday! I didn't think I would live that long! Thanks for the present, son!" Christopher Danson's father turned 88! $50 $150
Icon liquid chlorine Cleaner High chlorine content! Wear protection! $300 $900
Icon duck Duck (DLC) I had one of those as a kid. They used to fill up with water and then sink. $33 $99
Icon pyramid Stacking toy A great way to train motility and patience. $18 $54
Icon roly poly toy Toy Its round base makes the toy rock and produces sad sounds. $45 $135
Icon toy truck Dump truck A fun toy for a youngster. $85 $255
Icon toy gun Pistol (toy) This toy pistol looks like the real thing. $50 $150
Icon clippings Newspaper clippings Clippings of crime stories published over the last several years. $1 $3
Icon women hat Hat This hat belongs to Jeanne Oehrn. $50 $150
Icon purse Janna Jeanne Oehrn's purse I took this purse out of Jeanne Oehrn's pocket. $450 $1350
Icon drow naced girl Poster (legal) A poster of a naked woman. $100 $300
Icon drow naced girl Poster (illegal) A poster of a naked woman. $1000 $3000
Icon plantain Ribwort An all-purpose cure that's also good for equipment repairs. $10 $30
Icon sanitary book Health Permit This says a person has no diseases and is therefore able to work with food. $1500 $4500
Icon balalaika Balalaika (legal) A rare musical instrument. $300 $900
Icon balalaika Balalaika (illegal) A rare musical instrument. $3000 $9000
Icon baby cup Sippy Cup This was used recently. The cover is wet. $10 $30
Icon white gloves White gloves Sterile medical gloves. $15 $45
Icon mouse Mouse Order's catch. $1 $3
Icon teddy bear Big teddy bear This must be imported. We don't make beautiful things like this. $33 $99
Icon painted money Note (child) A child's drawing of a banknote. The handwriting says something unreadable about his parents. $1 $3
Icon boy cap Clothes A stack of kids' summer clothes. $85 $255
Icon potion big Jars A bag of jars with herbs. $45 $135
Icon liquid hawthorn The liqueur (legal) A liqueur with hawthorn berries (37% alcohol). $66 $198
Icon liquid hawthorn The liqueur (illegal) A liqueur with hawthorn berries (37% alcohol). $660 $1980
Icon bug bag Bag A small bag of herbs and bugs. $10 $30

List of DNA items[ | ]

Icon Name Description
Icon comb man Comb (Male) There are several hairs on the brush.
Icon lollipop Lollipop Someone has already taken a bite out of this.
Icon tobacco pipe Pipe An old fashioned tobacco pipe.
Icon handkerchief Handkerchief with a blood stain The owner probably had a nosebleed.
Icon teeth glass Dentures This item can be used for DNA analysis.
Icon cup Tea cup A cup with lipstick on it.
Icon cigarette butt Cigarette stubs Several cigarette stubs.
Icon razor blood Razor (blood) There are blood stains on the blade.
Icon comb woman Comb (Female) This item can be used for DNA analysis.