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Irving Munch
Irving Munch
An honest old man, who loves art
Gender: Male
Age: 70
Job: Caretaker
Location: lives alone

When available for settlement[ | ]

Settles after talking to Georg about the possibility of leaving the country.

Interests[ | ]

  • Collects stamps. Find stamp album in his apartment.
  • Disgusted by propaganda posters. Talk to him.
  • Drinks. See him drinking.
  • Likes to draw. Find paints in his apartment.
  • Likes to fish. Find fishing rod in his apartment.
  • Likes to travel. Find world map in his apartment.
  • Plays chess. Find chess in his apartment.
  • Smokes a pipe. See Irving smoking or find tobacco in his apartment.

Personal items[ | ]

Special items[ | ]

Tasks provide with[ | ]

Tasks involved in[ | ]

Ministry order

Additional information[ | ]

He likes to draw and remember the old days.

Keeps items and sells them when they become illegal.

Likes Jokes