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Description[ | ]

Over the course of the game, various items can become illegal due to government directives. Some have a specific date they become illegal, while others trigger upon a certain event or task occuring.

When becoming illegal, the cost and sell prices of these items are multiplied tenfold.

Uses[ | ]

  • Money
    • Taking items and keeping them while they are still legal, before selling them to Nathan Kehler can create a large influx of money.
      • A good example of this is the Blue Tie, which Nathan himself sells at the start of the game for $195, but can be sold eventually for $650.
    • Tenants will often have illegal items in their rooms, which can be taken and sold, or upon eviction, can be taken from the box spawning at the front of their room.
      • Tenants can also be blackmailed for the items.
  • Eviction
    • A tenant with illegal items in their rooms can be recorded, and then evicted by reporting them,
    • Placing contraband/illegal items in tenants' rooms can be a quick way to evict them via reporting them.
  • Tasks

List of Illegal Items[ | ]