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Hector Medina
Hector Medina
The main character of Blissful Sleep. Widowed, but has a son. Lives with his cat.
Gender: Male
Age: younger than 65 (exact age isn't known)
Job: Landlord
Location: basement

Description[ | ]

Hector is the protagonist of the DLC for Beholder called Blissful Sleep who is a landlord of Krushvice, 6 (core). The player controls him 14 days before his euthanasia.

Biography[ | ]

Hector is the landlord of Krushvice, 6 (core) before Carl Stein arrival. He is mistaken for an 85-year-old, which caused him to be euthanized in 14 days after his call with the ministry. Hector's fate isn't known.

Possible endings[ | ]

There are 3 different endings in Blissful Sleep. The first ending is when Hector makes an agreement with Gertrude Danson and Christopher Danson about staging his death. Hector then lives with his son and cat in different country. The second ending is when Hector makes an agreement with Bruno Hempf (core) and work for the rest of his life in archives with no contact with the outer world, however he will not die due to Blissful sleep project. His cat dies in this ending and Hector misses his son. The third ending is when Hector doesn not make an agreement with anybody. He is then euthanized and dies and his cat mostly sits on his grave, which is seen on the final cutscene.

Tasks involved in[ | ]

Involved in all tasks in the DLC.

Additional information[ | ]

He has been appointed the First Landlord of an apartment block on Krushvice, 6. It is his job to spy on his tenants for the Ministry.