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Great offer
Great offer
Who issues: Jones Popanedo
Time to perform: not specified
Penalty for not completing: if you give it to Rosa , it will be told about food poisoning. Talking to Mark Ranek wil give you the option to tell on Jones resulting in them fighting. After if you talk to Jones he will be upset and kill you with a gun, giving you the death ending

Description[ | ]

Popanedo offered to pay me for selling his canned goods.

Conditions[ | ]

Talk to Popanedo after his arrival.

Completion[ | ]

There are a few ways to complete this task :

  • You give the canned goods to Rosa Ranek. This results in food poisoning at the cafeteria. Now Rosa Ranek refuses to pay for the canned goods. Mark Ranek will then demand an explanation. You can either flip him off, pay him (-$1000), use reputation (-250) or accuse Popanedo. This last option results in Mark and Popanedo fighting, after which Popanedo will kill Carl.
  • Sell the canned goods by talking to Nathan Kehler. He will first take the canned goods. The day after, he will come back and pay you $1500, stating that it was hard to sell the canned goods. You can then talk to Jones Popanedo. He will be angry and demand payment. You can either pay him (-$1500), use reputation (-150) to diffuse the situation, after which you can make it up to him by send the Schimmers on a barge as part of Farewell, motherland!. but this results in their death.

Hint/Tips[ | ]

You can sell the canned goods directly to the merchant for $3000 but this doesn't progress the task.

You can also have Jones arrested (+$250).

One way to make money from this task is to keep the canned goods, which can be sold directly to Nathan Kehler(through the traditional shop interface, not the dialogue option to sell the goods) for $3000. Then, Carl can report Jones Popanedo by reporting him for some of the items in his room(soda, salt, fish, foreign, record) when they are or become illegal(alternatively, Carl can plant contraband in his room to achieve the same effect). This causes Jones to be arrested (+$250), and Jones' items can be sold after he is evicted, resulting in large amounts of money, as many of his foreign items and rare items can be sold to Nathan Kehler for high prices.

  • Note, however, that this does remove Jones and his quests from the game permanently, Great offer will not be considered completed, and the discount from Jones is unattainable in the task To go or not to go?

Consequences[ | ]

Access to the task Making up.