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Government directives are mandatory rules that have to be followed. They can be found in the Journal.

Most directive numbers and dates fluctuate, due to trigger completion times so the list can't be totally completed.

The following is the list of government directives in the DLC Blissful Sleep. You can also check the complete list of Government directives or the list of government directives in the core game Beholder.

List of government directives[ | ]

Icon Name Directive Evidence Effective Date
Bubble eighty five Directive no. 6011 Hiding citizens aged 85 years and older is prohibited. It is forbidden to shelter citizens over 85 years old August 18, 1984
Icon balalaika Possessing and playing a balalaika is prohibited. Balalaika
Icon liquid hawthorn Possessing and drinking fruit juice is prohibited. Berry liqueur
Bubble hands up Report all information regarding the case of the Victim With the White Gloves to the authorities. If you find the White Gloved murderer report them!
Icon caviar It's illegal to possess red caviar. Red caviar
Bubble travel It's illegal to discuss the positive aspects of living abroad. Talking about positives of living abroad
Icon drow naced girl It's illegal to possess any printed products featuring nudity. Poster
Bubble donor no Every citizen must donate blood for the army. Non-appearance at the collection point