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Gertrude Danson
Gertrude Danson
Do her eyes reveal fear or cruelty?
Gender: Female
Job: Nurse
Location: lives with husband

When available for settlement[ | ]

Settles after Zlata Schimmer has been hit by a car.

Interests[ | ]

Feels guilty about her job. Talk to her about the Blissful Sleep program.

Loves her husband. Talk to her.

Loves music. Talk to her.

Drinks coffee. Find a turkish coffee pot in her apartment.

Performs in an amateur theatre. Find a theatre mask in her apartment.

Corresponds with foreigners. Find a letter in her apartment.

Dreamy nature. Find a Book (love novel) in her apartment.

Drinks. See her drinking.

Personal items[ | ]

Theatre mask

Foreign letter

Turkish coffee pot


Blue skirt


Slouch hat

Red dress

Book (love novel)

Special items[ | ]

Tasks provide with[ | ]

Tasks involved in[ | ]

I don't want to die

Additional information[ | ]

Similar to Dora Noel