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George Danton
George Danton
Revolutionary Man
Gender: Male
Job: Movement Leader

When available for settlement[ | ]

Doesn't settle.

Interests[ | ]

Personal items[ | ]

Special items[ | ]



Tasks provide with[ | ]

Mystery box

Danton's request

Under suspicion

No more propaganda

The butcher from Agloe

Tasks involved in[ | ]

The last jerk

Weird note

Additional information[ | ]

Works against the Government as a revolutionary for the New Tomorrow movement.

Passive-Aggressive nature.

He will help Carl escape in the quest To go or not to go? by lowering the price if quests are completed.

($1000 for completing Mystery Box, $1500 for telling him immediately that Antoine Grubic works for the government, $10,000 to change the propaganda truck's frequency in the quest No more propaganda and finally $30,000 if Airel Johnson is killed.)

Carl will be killed if he reports the planned murder on Airel Johnson.