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Gathering data
Who issues: Alloisius Shpak
Time to perform: 48 hours
Reward for execution: Varies greatly. Death, Arsenic, Cruise tickets or possible cash rewards up to $7250.
Penalty for not completing: no

Description[ | ]

Gather data on Sarah.

Conditions[ | ]

The task Difficult conversation is completed.

Completion[ | ]

Alloisius has asked me to gather some information on Sarah.

Talk to Maria Schimmer and learn Sarah likes flowers (+75 RP).

Talk to Rosa Ranek about Sarah and find out she's an impostor (+75 RP).

With what you have learn, you can:

  • Talk to Sarah, then you can:
    • Accept a bribe (+$5000). Then you can chose to do something else.
    • Refuse a bribe and Insist on eviction:
      • Stop the conversation : you gain Arsenic (can be sold for $700). Then you can chose to do something else.
      • Keep insisting. Sarah offers you a drink. If you accept, you die.
  • Call the Ministry : $2000 as a reward. Then you can chose to do something else. Now, you can also :
    • Report Sarah as an imposter ($250). Then you can't do anything else. After Sarah's arrest, you can talk to Alloisius and he'll give you Cruise Tickets (can be sold for $5000).
  • Tell Alloisius that Sarah is an imposter. Then you can't do anything else. Alloisius won't speak to you anymore and will leave shortly thereafter.
  • Do nothing.

Hint[ | ]

Consequences[ | ]

This task can result in one of these consequences:

  • Sarah's arrest
  • Sarah leaving
  • Alloisius leaving
  • your death
  • the beginning of the task Wedding preparations.

You can earn up to $7250 and 150RP.

You can also win :