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Fear and hate
Who issues: Dora Noel
Time to perform: 48 hours
Reward for execution: $1000; 700 RP
Penalty for not completing: Dora Noel Dies

Description[ | ]

Dora Noel wants me to find a gun for her!

Conditions[ | ]

The task Insomnia is completed

Completion[ | ]

Dora told me about her husband and wants some protection. It's a tall order but I might be able to help

Find a gun for Dora. Give Dora the gun

Hint[ | ]

Blackmail Tenants By Any 3 Illegal Items (6 in government elite)

Consequences[ | ]

Announced reward : $1000 and +700RP

If you give Dora the gun, she will kill her husband. But she later send $7.000 and a letter to thank you, and says she likes jail.

If you don't get Dora a gun, she will leave. Later the news can report her death at the hands of her husband.