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Farewell, motherland!
Farewell, motherland
Who issues: Klaus Schimmer
Time to perform: not specified
Penalty for not completing: no

Description[ | ]

Help Schimmer escape.

Conditions[ | ]

The task Papers, please! is completed.

Completion[ | ]

You have 3 ways of completing this task.

Solution 1 : The coal barge[ | ]

If Jones Popanedo is a tenant, he will at some point provide you with the task Great offer, where Carl must sell canned fish for at least $3000. Accept the deal to get the canned fish. Give the canned fish to Nathan Kehler. He will come back next visit with an envelope of money from canned goods ($1500).

Take this back to Jones, and offer to earn more money. You can earn money through stealing, selling everything you own, profiling and reporting or offering to have the Schimmers work for Jones on his coal barge.

Now talk to Klaus. Jones, Klaus and Maria will move out, and escape on the coal barge, then die due to sinking of the ship a few days later.

Solution 2 : The holiday cruise[ | ]

You will need to obtain the cruise tickets from either:

  1. Alloisius Shpak at the end of the task progression: Lonely Alloisius --> Love on the phone
  2. Either Alloisius Shpak or Clara Jacque at the end of the task progression: Lonely Alloisius --> Complaints about Clara

Hand the cruise tickets over to Klaus. Klaus and Maria will leave their apartments and escape on the cruise.

Solution 3 : Brute force[ | ]

It is possible to evict Schimmers without helping them to escape. In order to do this, you have to blackmail Klaus once. The easiest way to do so is to wait for the time when blue ties become illegal and then find one in Schimmers' apartment. Blackmail Klaus with it (note: blackmailing Maria will not result in eviction). After Klaus hands the money he will want to speak with you. Klaus tells you that he went bankrupt and he and his wife have to move out. Task complete.

If you complete the task using either solution 1 or 2, Klaus will give you a Teddy Bear to give to Martha. If you stick to solution 3, Klaus will give nothing.

Consequences[ | ]

If the Schimmers are sent off to cruise, you will get the Bahama Mama Achievement. At the end of the game, Klaus and Maria will help the player escape the country in To go or not to go? by lowering the price of the escape by $10000.

If the Schimmers are sent off to sailing the barge, you will get the My Heart Will Go On Achievement. Later, you will learn that the coal barge crashed, killing everyone on board.

Either way, Klaus will give you $3000 when they move out.

Completing this task will also complete Ministry order (Klaus Schimmer).