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Empty bottles
Icon bottles empty
Sell: $1
Buy: $3

Description[ | ]

Dirty empty bottles.

Profiling Text: The person who lives here is a slob! Would it be so hard to throw away all of this junk?

Appearance[ | ]

Does not usually appear in a tenant's room unless they have been drinking.

Not all tenants who drink will have empty bottles in their room, some may have the broken bottle instead, or not have either.

Acquisition[ | ]

Can be found in tenants' rooms, and bought from Nathan Kehler if previously sold to him.

If a tenant is evicted while they have this item in their apartment, the item will appear in the box that appears outside their apartment.

Use[ | ]

If found in a tenants' room for the first time, it will appear with the Profiling description in red text, which is able to be clicked on to receive 75 Reputation points as well as adding the information Doesn't make trouble to their profile.

Otherwise, it has no other uses other than being sold to Nathan Kehler.

Owners[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Is one of the two drinking related profiling items, the other being the broken bottle.
    • The information granted, Doesn't make trouble contrasts the information from the broken bottle, Dangerous Tendencies.
    • However, while most only have one of the two, some tenants can have both empty bottles and the broken bottle in their room. These tenants are Jacob Manishek and Jones Popanedo.
    • While wine could be considered to be a drinking related profiling item, none of the tenants who have the Wine steward profiling information actually have the Drinks profiling information.